Original ErgoPillow

Lazy Lambert offers the most ergonomically designed flat head pillow on the market. Our unique and proprietary design is what separates the ErgoPillow™ from the competition. Where other flat head pillows leave a hole in the center for your baby's head to rest, and eventually fall through, the ErgoPillow's™ padded center protects. The crescent design, with the small padded lip for neck support, not only helps with proper spine and neck alignment, but extends the surface area support of your baby's head to exceed any other product on the market.

Therapeutic and Fashionable

Baby on the Way

As your baby grows in your womb, it is common that the head rest on one of the arms for long periods of time, leading to plagiocephaly.

Unusual Culprits

Sometimes flat head syndrome is caused by products we thought were designed to protect our babies, like the inside of a stroller.

During Playtime

The ErgoPillow is the perfect aid to keep your baby's head from forming a flat spot while playing under the mobile.

Happy Babies

Comfort and security make your baby happy when on a long road trip, a plane ride, or just a day lying around the house.

Easy Maintenance

Washing machine safe. Just put your ErgoPillow on delicate cycle and dry in a well-aired room lying flat

Supervised Only

Only use under supervision. Nothing should be left loose in your baby's sleep environment in order to avoid SIDS.

Our Most Precious Possession

Is there anything more important than our beautiful new family member? The ErgoPillow is designed with the love and care that only a mother can understand. And, custom made in the USA.

Organic ErgoPillow

We know how important your baby is to you, and we work hard to provide only the best products to reflect this love. Our organic ErgoPillows are made from GOTTS certified organic fabrics. The center circle and back of these beautiful baby pillows are out of organic sherpa in a natural white color. The front prints are also a cotton organic fabric from designer Robert Kaufmann and Cloud 9. We are proud to offer these therapeutic, yet fashionable organic baby flat head pillows.