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Lazy Lambert offers the most ergonomically designed flat head pillow on the market. Our unique and proprietary design is what separates the ErgoPillow™ from the competition. Where other flat head pillows leave a hole in the center for your baby's head to rest, and eventually fall through, the ErgoPillow's™ padded center protects. The crescent design, with the small padded lip for neck support, not only helps with proper spine and neck alignment, but extends the surface area support of your baby's head to exceed any other product on the market.

Carnival Zebras

Our latest addition to the Lazy Lambert ErgoPillow collection is a cute print of simple one color zebras with a special carnival zebra thrown in to make things interesting. You can get this ErgoPillow combined with either white or pink velour minky fabric. We hope that you love this design.

We know that everyone is getting excited about the upcoming holiday season. The ErgoPillow makes a unique gift that will be cherished for both its usefulness and its cuteness. Not only does the ErgoPillow help to protect the head from flat spots, it also caresses and supports the neck, providing the necessary ergonomics to correct torticollis.

Organic Ducks ErgoPillow

We are happy to be able to introduce a new organic pillow made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabric. This cute ducks print comes in pink or blue, giving you the perfect colors to match with your new little baby boy's or girl's nursery. The center circle is also GOTS certified organic cotton, but in a very soft sherpa weave. The back of your new ErgoPillow™ is also done in this same beautiful sherpa fabric. The inner stuffing is a non-allergenic polyester fiberfill made from recycled materials that are flame retardant and extremely suitable for multiple washings.

We are proud to have served well over 10,000 new mothers to date, and we are very excited to be a part of your family's most precious experiences. And, as always, we are very interested in hearing from you. We would love to know more about your individual needs and concerns. Drop us a line here, or on Facebook. We value everything we can learn from your unique experiences. So, thanks in advance to all of you beautiful mothers and your little special creations!

A New ErgoPillow™. Whales and Hearts.

We are introducing a new ErgoPillow™ today that we think will match your newborn’s nursery or play area nicely. This extremely soft and highly protective baby support pillow will be a great therapeutic device to help in the proper development of your baby’s forming skull. With cute whales and hearts, it will not be an eyesore in the place that matters most, next to your baby. The ErgoPillow™ helps to align your baby’s neck due to its ergonomical curved design. It will also support the head and guard it from the hard surfaces that lead to flat spots. We are proud at Lazy Lambert to be able to offer a product made in the USA, with the care and precision that only locally crafted products can guarantee. This new print adds to our catalog of cute baby products designed to satisfy our discerning parent’s every wish.

Monkeys about Monkeys! A Support Pillow with Style!

Everyone is crazy about monkeys, so we are introducing two new ErgoPillows™ that are both cute and therapeutic. These support pillows will look great in your nursery or playroom, but they will also help to protect your baby's head and promote proper neck alignment. If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member, the ErgoPillow™ is guaranteed to be a hit. But, more importantly, babies love it too! We have received overwhelming feedback from parents around the world, letting us know how happy and comfortable their little ones were while using the ErgoPillow™. This is the best feedback we could hear!

The ErgoPillow™ is made in the United States, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not 100% happy with your ErgoPillow™ for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a complete refund. At Lazy Lambert we pride ourselves on great communications and fast shipping. Every item sold is shipped the following business day, and we are always available for questions or comments - whether through email or telephone. Customer satisfaction is something we pride ourselves on, not just as a means to an end. Please take your time and look through our entire catalog to find the print that meets your style and taste. Also, don't forget to look at our line of organic ErgoPillows™ and care products.

Summertime aqua like the ocean blue.

Deep into Summer, we here at Lazy Lambert™ are wishing you another beautiful day at the beach, at the lake, or wherever it is you find a chance to cool off. We are also in the Summer spirit and are introducing our first new velour ErgoPillow™ in some time. Like our other solid color pillows, our newest offering is made by hand here in the USA. We pride ourselves on a quality product that is both therapeutic and durable. We assure prompt delivery and are always available for questions and concerns. Follow this ErgoPillow™ link to learn more about how the ErgoPillow™ can help prevent or correct flat head syndrome and torticollis.