About the Designer

I began designing products for babies a few years ago. My first patterns were cloth, reusable baby diapers. They were easy on and off, soft, and made with cute patterns. At this time, I also opened my Etsy store. There was little response online, but I enjoyed the creative process and was excited about all the possibilities that designing offered. My second design was a reusable swimming diaper. This product also ended up being slow to sell, but it was this product that led to my first custom order, a swimming diaper for a teen-aged, physically challenged girl. I tailored the swim diaper to fit her dimensions and the product was a big success with her mother. Being an occupational therapist, it made me feel so good to know that I had helped to improve someone's life - especially a young girl's.

It was not long after this that I came up with the design for the ErgoPillow™. Its inception stems back to my experience with my first son's plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). During his infancy, I was very careful and consequent to prevent him from favoring the flat side of his head. I tried using pillows as props, and was always correcting his position. It was tedious and time consuming at best. I looked into some of the pillows available at the time, but I was always leary of the fact that they did not provide padding for the back of the head, but only kept the head straight. When designing the ErgoPillow, correcting this problem was one of my main objectives. After a number of failed tries, I came across the secret to adding a soft, padded center.

I instinctively felt that it was a better design. But, it was not until I put the pillow up for sale on Etsy that I realized that I had indeed created something unique. Sales took off! So much so, that it became obvious that it was time to develop a web presence designed specifically for Lazy Lambert. And here we are! Things have changed a lot since those early days sitting at the desk with my first sewing machine, but the enthusiasm has remained. We have worked hard to create a functional but simple store, and we have since added an organic product line. We hope to offer quality information and products, exceptional customer service, and a community based on family values and user interaction. It has been a blast and I hope things get only better in 2014!