The Original ErgoPillow

pillow to help correct flat head
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The ErgoPillow™ has become one of Lazy Lambert's hottest selling items. Its original design has been crafted using techniques gained through years of both practical experience and motherhood. The pillow's shape has been sculpted to help position the baby's head in such a manner as to help correct flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly. The baby is coerced to lie in a position that both helps to improve the head shape and to provide maximum comfort. The small cut of the bottom side of the pillow is purposefully designed to provide the most comfort in the neck and shoulder area. The pillow is soft, but firm enough to position the head in an an ergonomically aligned formation, preventing the baby from favoring the flat or bulbous side.

ErgoPillow monkey print flat head pillow

Lazy Lambert has also kept in mind that concerned parents still have style in mind. Though the practical purpose of the pillow is to help reshape the head, Lazy Lambert offers a colorful and cute combination of colors and patterns. Special orders are also gladly accepted in order to match your ErgoPillow™ to your babies nursery. We know how important your baby is to you, and we would like to be a part of his or her growth and development. Please send us a photo or two of your child using a Lazy Lambert Pillow. We will post it here and send you a 25% off coupon on your next order.

FAQ 1: When and where should I use my ErgoPillow™?

The ErgoPillow™ can be used in a variety of situations. It must be noted first and foremost, however, that the ErgoPillow™ is only intended for supervised use! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the placement of any loose objects within your baby’s sleep environment due to the risk of SIDS ….read more. This being said, there are many opportunities for your baby to use the ErgoPillow™ in order to help shape his or her head.

Along with tummy time, which is the only time you do not want to use the ErgoPillow™ - for obvious reasons, having a support pillow to protect your baby’s head from hard surfaces, is one of the most effective methods for training his or her soft, forming skull, and to prevent or correct flat spots.

The ErgoPillow™ works great in most car seats. Babies spend a lot of time on the road, as do we, and many car seats offer less than adequate padding for your baby’s head. They have been designed more to protect from the traumatic forces of vehicular collisions than for the less forceful pressure of extended use. They are, in other words, not designed with enough cushioning for a baby’s soft skull. Another place where your baby spends a lot of time is in the stroller. Again, strollers do not account for the kind of protection and comfort that your baby needs. They are great for taking your baby with, but less great for keeping his or her head safe. This is where you as a parent are busy padding the area with blankets and pillows, but none will be as easy to use or effective as the ErgoPillow™. Besides the car seat and the stroller, there are numerous times during the day when your baby can benefit from the ErgoPillow™: under the jungle gym, during playtime, on a blanket outside. So long as you can watch over him or her, you will find the benefits that this baby pillow offers as far exceeding other methods of protection.

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FAQ 2: Is my baby's head too large? Do I need a larger Pillow?

It has often been asked, if a child requires a specially designed pillow to fit his or her larger than average head. The answer is No. The ErgoPillow™ is designed to fit an infant's head during the phase of development where the skull is still soft enough to be shaped through proper positioning. Size-wise, the ErgoPillow™ could even fit the head of a 10-month-old, but at this point the effects of shaping will begin to wear off due to the gradual stiffness and strengthening of the skull. Below is a diagram that clearly shows the dimension of the pillow. We encourage any questions, feedback, or pictures

ErgoPillow Measurements